My relationship with photography began a few years after my father’s passing.

His Olympus Pen F camera was left for me and although I wasn’t terribly interested in the medium at the time, as an artist I was curious about the possibilities. From that point the desire to document the world around me grew until it eventually eclipsed my other creative pursuits. Photography became the conduit I used to communicate my world view to people who would otherwise never understand, a perspective rooted in identity against the backdrop of a country in turmoil.

My portfolio is, at it’s core, a product of a minimalist approach to photography. My compositions are an exercise in reduction, stripping the urban environment of everything that interferes with the examination of form. The aesthetic is based on a feeling I cherished as a child, the moment on a busy street when the neighborhood would go silent for a split second. I have been obsessed with extending those moments for my entire life, the concept perpetually dominates and informs my work to this day.

I am currently working on two projects, True Topographics and The Los Angeles Recordings, that combine my aesthetic with a documentative purpose resulting in a form of Representative Landscape photography. They are both informed by personal experience and document both the physical changes the city is undergoing and the cause/effects of that transformation.